.300 Savage (New Brass) - Manufactured by Jamison Brass & Ammo


The 300 Savage was developed by Savage Arms in 1920 to replace the 303 Savage cartridge. The 300 Savage is a rimless, bottle-neck cartridge designed to be used in Savage Arms' Model 99 Lever-Action rifle. It became very popular as a deer hunting cartridge in North America and even was used on Elk and Moose in Canada. The 300 Savage is capable of reaching ranges up to 300+ yards accurately. During its glory days many firearms manufacturers were developing firearms chambered in it. Savage Arms built 1000 firearms as their 50th Anniversary Models in 2008. Today the cartridge is still popular among handloaders and with modern powders is comparable to the 308 Winchester. 

Sold in bags of 100

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