.303 Savage (New Brass) - Manufactured by Jamison Brass & Ammo


The 303 Savage is a rimmed, center-fire cartridge developed by the Savage Arms Company back in 1894. It was designed as a short-action cartridge from the Savage Model 99 hammerless, lever-action rifle and was one of the early adapters of smokeless powder. Savage produced approximately 150,000 rifles chambered in the 303 Savage. They eventually changed the bullet diameter from 0.311" to 0.308" diameter before serial No. 43,898. Check or slug your bore if you own a early model 99. The 303 Savage remained popular up through 1941 before it became obsolete. It was originally intended to be a military cartridge but never gained the approval of the military. Even though the military never adopted the cartridge it did become very popular with hunters and was used on a variety of North American game. 

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