Nickel-Plated Brass

There are mixed schools of thought on nickel-plated brass, but we are of the view that the benefits it presents outweigh any possible shortcomings.  One advantage of nickel-plated brass, as compared to yellow brass, is that it tends to have a much higher resistance to tarnishing and corrosion.  Therefore if you're a reloader whose brass cases or reloaded ammunition is going to be stored in an environment that is high in moisture content or other corrosive elements, nickel-plated brass may be a better option for you.  Additionally, many competitive shooters and law enforcement agencies prefer nickel-plated cases because their slick finish lends itself to smoother feeding.  If there is a downside to "nickel brass," it's that if not properly lubricated, the finish can crack or flake off in the reloading dye.  In most circumstances, this should be avoidable as long as an adequate amount of case lube is applied prior to processing.