Why Shop With Us

Why Shop With Us

The marketplace for reloading components is broken and we're on a mission to fix it. 

We find it strange that in today's modern world of advanced commerce it's so challenging to find a consistent source of reloading supplies and ammunition components.  Doesn't it seem a bit bizarre that we know exactly where to source every other consumer good in our life, but when it comes to reloading components it involves a scavenger hunt?  Don't get us wrong, sometimes a scavenger hunt can be fun, but occasionally you just want to purchase what you need and get the press turning.  Instead you find yourself driving two hours out of your way for the bottle of Bullseye powder that you heard might be in stock at a gun store or hoarding boxes of primers in the event that you might not be able to find them again (yes, we know you're "that guy").  Then of course there's the brass.  What are your options there?

a) bid on it through an online auction and hope that you end up winning in five days?
b) purchase it through the online marketplace du jour before they too take an anti-gun stance and ban the sale of it? Or;
c) send money to a stranger you just met in a social media group and hope for the best?

Folks...enough is enough.  It's time we build a better mousetrap.  So here is our proposal:

Let's do something that hasn't been done before.  Let's build an independent, pro-2nd Amendment company that is truly designed for you the handloader.  Let's build it with a diversified network of suppliers so that shortages become a thing of the past.  Let's build it so that we all have access to the products we want, when we want them.  And most importantly, let's unite behind it so that we create the purchasing power required to obtain the best pricing and product access available.

The last point is critical and it's where this plan hinges upon your commitment to back us in this mission.  There is strength in numbers and strength in volume.  You know this and believe us when we say that our suppliers know it as well.  The local gun stores, as great as they are, are never going to be buying reloading components by the ton.  Why would they? There aren't that many reloaders concentrated in any given location so it wouldn't make sense.  East Coast Reloading Supplies serves reloaders across the entire nation.  So as you read this from Northern Michigan, another reloader is doing the same in West Texas.  This is a massive competitive advantage that, together, we can bring to bear.

So then, why should you forgo other options and buy from East Coast?  Because when you do so, you're strengthening the collective influence of the individual reloader and investing in the development of a sustainable source of, not only bullets and once fired brass, but also every product that East Coast intends to launch in the future.  We won't always be the least expensive source of the particular item for which you're searching (sometimes we will be), but we would still ask that you factor more into your buying decision than the gratification of a one-time deal.  In return, we commit to continue to work on your behalf to provide you with better access to quality products at affordable prices.