50 BMG .510"750gr MLE TACLR BT/20

50 BMG .510"750gr MLE TACLR BT/20

Exceptionally accurate bullets are absolutely necessary for long range tactical and competitive shooters. The TAC-LR bullets, LR for Long Range, provide the shooter just this. Made solely for the 50 BMG. High ballistic coefficient and precise tolerances. 100% lead free.


- Caliber: 50 BMG
- Bullet Diameter: 0.510
- Bullet Weight: 750 Grains
- Bullet Style: Spitzer Boat Tail
- Bullet Coating: Non-Coated
- Quantity: Per 20

Ballistics Information:

- Sectional Density: 0.412
- Ballistic Coefficient: 1.07

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition