Rainier Ballistics - 38 Caliber 148 Grain Double-Ended Wadcutter (.357 Diameter)

  • Each Rainier bullet begins as a lead core that is swaged, not cast, for highest quality. Rainier uses only virgin and secondary lead alloys made to their strict specifications. This attention to quality enhances uniformity, accuracy and terminal performance.
  • The swaged core then receives Rainier’s LeadSafeTM full copper plating over the entire bullet. Only pure virgin copper is used with the same high purity found in computer circuit boards.
  • Rainier then restrikes the complete bullet after plating to verify precise dimensional tolerances. Thus, each bullet is struck twice. This extra step is often missing with other bullets. 
  • Rainier’s LeadSafeTM full copper plating gives a no exposed lead surfaces on the bullet, reducing your exposure to harmful lead vapors. This is particularly valuable when shooting indoors.
  • A Rainier plated bullet experiences no jacket separation upon impact, giving better penetration and terminal performance.
  • Rainier plated bullets give longer barrel life compared to jacketed bullets. Plus, you’ll see a cleaner bore after shooting Rainier bullets.
  • Rainier’s hollow base design provides a better seal (obturation) against gas blow-by for cleaner, more accurate shooting. The hollow base also moves the center of gravity up further into the driving band, providing better stability and accuracy.
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