7.62x39mm (AK/SK 7.62) BOXER Primer

  • Wet-tumbled and polished, once fired 7.62x39mm (AK/SK 7.62) rifle brass sourced from indoor ranges
  • Commonly used for conversion into 6.5 Grendel brass
  • May include a variety of headstamps and manufacturers
  • Spent primers are still in the cases and should be removed before beginning the reloading process
  • Extra brass cases are included to make up for any mixed calibers, unusable pieces or other defects that may slip through our screening process.  
  • We attempt to remove berdan-primed brass before shipping but can not promise that there will not be a few mixed in.
  • Dents are extremely common because of the way in which the cases are ejected from a lot of AK platforms.  They are merely an aesthetic issue and will "fire form" to your chamber the first time they are shot.  Unless the case is split, cracked at the neck, and/or showing separation at the base, there is no reason to cull them.  Wall dents will pop right out.  
  • We typically ship within one to two business days of receiving your order.  Orders are shipped through USPS Priority Mail and come with free shipment tracking.
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